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You Have Requested : Alquimia.das.Almas.S01E11....

I agree with that they could have ended with episode 19. A few extra minutes and it would have been memorable. Having the protagonist go bad is being used so much now and it is not liked by the audiance such as Game of Thrones or that Japanese anime with Erin the giant shifter. You see point in tact, I loved the beginning of that anime and now cannot even recall the name of it. Buyon let the bell thing happen Please you totally lost me there!!! I will skip second season but Thank you for 19 good episodes.

You have requested : Alquimia.das.Almas.S01E11....

Even the tiniest plots, like the citizens supporting the blue scarf and the old mage shifting into the orphan child, were not wrapped up properly at all. They could have done so many cool things with that.

Perhaps it would have been better had the Hong Sisters also split up the first season in 10+10. After a short break and some evaluation, they might have better known what to do with the second half. Strong concept, mind-blowing start, sloppy finalization.

This is incredibly positive news for Netflix subscribers, who have made Alchemy of Souls one of the most popular weekly releases of the summer since its release on June 18th, 2022. By August 7th, 2022 the series had been watched for a total of 91,810,000 million hours. We expect by the next batch of weekly data the viewing count will exceed 100,000,000 million hours.

The next day, preparations for the wedding are complete while Jin Cho-yeon and Park Dang-gu have decided to sneak into Sejukwon to meet Jin Woo-tak. While Jang Uk and Seo Yul wonder where Mu-deok is, we see her standing in front of Sejukwon.

I have to say that the flow of this episode was one of the things that I really enjoyed as it went from calm, lovely, shocking, sad and awesome. I felt a bunch of emotions during this episode and it felt so natural and not one bit overwhelming. 041b061a72

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