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House Party 3

Parents need to know that House Party 3 is a 1994 comedy in which Kid is engaged to be married as Play plans to throw him an epic bachelor party. While House Party 2 is filled with positive messages about activism, education, and feminism, this movie opts for raw and raunchy humor. Expect a lot of sex jokes, profanity, and dated humor concerning, among other things, overweight women, the elderly, and the visually impaired. A joke about prison rape. One of the lead characters tells an annoying secondary character, "What are you, my retarded echo?" "F--k," "motherf--ker," and the "N" word regularly used. If women aren't sight gags (elderly, overweight, etc.), they are, aside from the lead characters, little more than eye candy, including an attractive postal clerk who gets hit on by tween rappers, and strippers, including one named "Angina," who is known for a "disappearing act" involving beer bottles. She's shown with her legs behind her head while performing. Male stripper at a bachelorette party. An elderly woman is shown watching a pornographic movie -- brief nudity (breasts, buttocks). A man pretending to be blind touches photos of attractive women taped to a wall and says "I f--ked her" before sniffing the photo. Drinking at a bachelorette party. Talk of drinking, talk of a "big fat blunt" in a song.

House Party 3

In HOUSE PARTY 3, Kid (Christopher Reid) and Play (Christopher Martin) are growing up. Kid is getting married to Veda, even as Veda harbors suspicions that Kid may still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend Sydney. For his part, Play is trying to find success in the business side of the music business, as he tries to convince a new female singing group named Sex as a Weapon that he should manage them. He's also trying to plan the most epic bachelor party he possibly can pull off for Kid, and must keep three younger cousins who have arrived from Detroit (a hip-hop act called Immature) from getting into trouble. Meanwhile, Kid hasn't convinced Veda's cousin and best friend Janelle that he's ready to make a lifetime commitment, and Veda's family are skeptical as to whether or not Kid can provide financial stability for Veda. Suspicions grow stronger when Sydney comes back to town from Washington, DC. Things go from bad to worse when the kids in Immature hijack the bachelor party as revenge for Play not allowing them to perform at the party, and Play's cousin Stinky invites only heavyset women to the party. As Play tries figuring out what to do about the party, he has also incurred the wrath of a hot-tempered promoter named Showboat, and must find a way to placate him. For his part, Kid must find a way to survive the night of his bachelor party, prove to Veda that he's ready to marry her, and tie the knot the very next day.

The soundtrack to House Party 3 almost sounds like a tribute album to Das EFX. The musicians are mostly unknowns, but the majority of them put out a style of quick speak-rap that defined Das EFX, though they aren't actually present on the album. Beyond the Das EFX-style rap, the second aspect common to the full album is a deep kick bass beat. The songs do show a bit of diversity, though, and the album is good for the intended audience and era (that is, the audience and era that pertains to the popularity of Kid 'N Play). All-star production includes contributions from the Beatnuts and DJ Quik, backing up the main artists (and actors) Kid 'N Play. Immature makes an early appearance on the album with "Wakes You Up." RAS Posse, on "Rock the House," sounds like a combination of House of Pain beats and Snow and Das EFX rapping. Most if not all of the Kid 'N Play tracks are simply party songs, call and response patterns, and the like. A few tracks include an attempt at light gangsta rap, though that seems to be foiled by the attempt at lightness. Overall, it's not a bad album, though there are certainly better albums within the genres similar to this one. Check out Snow's Twelve Inches of Snow, Das EFX's "They Want EFX," and maybe the Beatnuts' self-titled album.

"It was like 11:25 p.m. It was just me, my mom, and my brother home and we were going towards my window because on that side of the house you can see a clear view of the house that had the party," said Gracey Aldalud, a Hidden Hills neighbor. "And all of the sudden we heard six shots go off. I was scared. We all ducked from the windows."

Officers were called to 149 MacIntosh Lane after the mother of one of the partygoers received an accidental call from the house, where a large party was going on. The woman, who lives in Ashburnham, drove to the home to pick up her daughter after hearing the commotion on the phone, and found another girl, 16, unconscious and vomiting in the house.

About a dozen teens, all between 15 and 17, from Leominster and Fitchburg, were removed from the house, Fossa said. Six were placed in protective custody at the Fitchburg Police station, where a 15-year-old boy vomited several times. 041b061a72

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