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Grandmaster Wilson has had a truly illustrious career. As a competitor in the seventies he was a member of the U.S. Team and won five world titles and eight U.S. National titles. In the eighties he served for four years as a coach on the U.S. Team. Grandmaster Wilson has appeared in virtually every major Martial Arts magazine and accumulated a record of 13-0 as a kick boxer. He was awarded six Golden Belt awards in tournament competition while accumulation over 250 career trophies. During his successful career he has been inducted into six Martial Arts Halls of Fame, including "Inside Kung Fu Magazine" and the "World Head of Family Sokeship Council". As an accomplished author Grandmaster Wilson has authored many articles in several different magazine publications as well as authoring five different books pertaining to the Pai Lum Tao system that are sold worldwide.

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In this article, different aspects of gender (used here both in the sense of sex, reflecting somatic differences between men and women, and gender, reflecting psychosocial differences) are reviewed. In preclinical research, are there gender aspects taken into consideration, e.g. in cell culture assays or animal models? What about gender aspects in cancer prevention, epidemiology and tumourigenesis, including gender-related susceptibilities towards environmental carcinogens? To offer some results from our own research in this field, original data on gender-related differences of symptoms and comorbidities in lung cancer at initial diagnosis are presented. Of importance, but still widely neglected in the haemato-oncologic literature is the influence of gender on the accessibility to diagnostic procedures and treatment. Gender-specific pharmacodynamic peculiarities and differences in treatment outcome and prognosis of various tumour entities are presented. Since gender aspects are often not put in focus of cancer research, relevant literature on this topic is rather sparse and difficult to search. In this regard, the authors make no claim to provide a comprehensive review.

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