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The Rig Veda Italiano PDF 12: What You Need to Know About the Last Two Mandalas of the Sacred Text

Aryan dharma= righteousness is presented in them as right or legality. Aryan Dharma is something that is presented as duty/righteous or as legality. Hence the Veda is dharma-shastra, the law-book.

rig veda italiano pdf 12

Hence the term Rigveda doesnt refer to the Veda that includes Brahmanas, Yajur Veda, and Sama Veda but refers to Rig Veda that contains laws, codes, prescription, rituals, guidance for living life, manners, etiquette, ethics, morals, etc., rather than just rules of the game or the code of civilized behavior, which was in vogue after vedic times.

The noble Kshatriya class in Rigveda, is through temple administration and associated with regular priests (Brahmans).The most important king of Aryans is Indra (King of sky) in Rigveda. Indra got associated with Drstubhi and his wife by accident. In Rigvedas the following people are associated with Indra:

The summer season is har-shuk and winter season is har-wshu. In Rigveda these seasons are not mentioned in term of seasons, but the precedence and connection are mentioned in hymns.

The solar god (surya) is the favorite god of Rigvedic Aryans. From the title of Rigveda the Vedic Aryans won wars and ruled the world. In Rigveda the following are precedence (Hymns):

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