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Buy Old Watches Near Me

You may consider pawning your watch to a pawn shop near you, although it may be better to sell your jewelry online. Online gold buyers may pay more, as pawn shops typically pay 25% to 60% of the retail value of your item.

buy old watches near me

Consignment shops typically accept an item for consignment and then pay the original seller a percentage of the sales price if and when the item sells. Online consignment sites including Poshmark and TheRealReal deal in fine jewelry and higher-end watches.

Apple and other digital watches fall into another category entirely, though you can certainly resell your Apple watch for cash. eBay, Gazelle or even locally on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplaces are good places to sell watches. Pawn shops and consignment stores are also places to sell electronic watches.

Do you have old watches or parts laying around that you think have no value? We will buy your box of old, broken or non-working watches including old parts and bands. We will buy all brands, including those not listed elsewhere on our site.

Your watch is a valuable possession. We treat it with the highest degree of respect and provide quality care. As such, all watches are fully insured before and during the sale process. Insurance coverage begins when you ship your watch to us and continues while in transit and throughout storage in our secure facility.

At Worthy, we make it our top priority to know and understand the market better than anyone else. This allows us to get you the best deal possible when you sell used watches through us. Take a look at some of the other ways we help you receive the highest market value for your timepiece:

Because we sell used watches using a unique auction platform, we can target qualified, interested watch buyers from across the nation, ensuring that bids are competitive and that you receive the best possible price.

In 1904, the company passed to four young people, including Paul-Emile Brandt, who forged the merger of Omega and Tissot into the Societe Suisse pour L'Industrie Horlogere (SSIH) in 1930. Over the next several decades, the SSIH either absorbed or created around 50 companies and became Switzerland's number one watch producer. Weakened by the influx of quartz watches and economic downturn in the 1970s, the company went through several upsets and acquisitions to emerge as the Swatch Group in 1998.

Then are many factors involved when determining the value of a vintage watch. Rare vintage watches generally command more value than common watch brands. Vintage watches can be extremely valuable, especially if they have been properly maintained. Some factors consider when determining the value of a vintage watch include:

Diamond Buyers has decades of experience in evaluating and purchasing vintage watches. Our expert watch buyers are skilled and trained in evaluating all brands and models of vintage watches. We also have a significant knowledge of the buying industry and can quickly determine the value of a timepiece based on market demand.

We consistently offer top market dollar for jewelry, which is why we have a strong rate of return clients. Let us demonstrate why we remain one of the most trusted names in the industry since 1978.Ready to Sell Vintage Watches?Get Your Free Estimate 5706 San Felipe St. #A501 Houston, TX 77057 832-356-7171 Fax: 713-781-6076 Hours Tue - Fri: 10am to 6pm Sat: 10am to 4pm Sun & Mon: ClosedAbout Us Since 1978, Diamond Buyers has been committed to paying top quality prices for diamonds, fine jewelry, and watches. We understand the importance of earning and maintaining your trust and pride ourselves on transparency.

We also buy and pay top dollar for working condition, high-end wrist watches. We have connections to a network of watch dealers that we work with to insure that we give you top dollar for your high-end timepiece. call or come in today. (305) 956-9676

Auction houses are other popular places you can go to sell or trade watches in Dallas. These are more official avenues of getting rid of your watches when compared to online sales boards and forums. The good thing about auction houses is that they are excellent for really expensive watches, which are rare and keenly sought after by collectors. If you have finally decided that you want to cash in on that expensive watch your grandpa left you, an auction house may just be your best bet.

Your next best bet when it comes to selling or trading your watch in Dallas is going with jewelry retailers. These are basically professionals whose primary business is buying and selling new and used watches. They deal in watch resells which involve buying used watches, refurbishing them and later selling them. They also offer trade-ins, which involve accepting old watches as part-payment for new watches.

The average watch owners are better off selling or trading their watches at jewelry retailers. This is because they offer some of the best rates on the market and they have friendlier terms and conditions. Most retailers will pay cash for your watch. Others may offer you gift vouchers, while others may allow you to trade-in your watch for something better.

There are many companies that make new watches with vintage styles. For a collector, this is a chance to get the classic style they are looking for without potential problems from wear and tear from an older watch. Alternatively, old vintage watches are often worth more than their new counterparts to collectors. It is important to be aware of the distinction between old and new mainly because of the price differences.

Regardless of a choice between new or old vintage watches, the next thing you should look at is the quality and condition to watch. This goes without saying, but you want to buy a watch that looks like it has been well taken care of. Check all the components that you can to make sure that nothing was badly damaged or worn out from extensive use. Also, check to see if the watch runs. This could be a major factor in whether or not you purchase it because it may mean expensive and time-consuming repairs before it is operational again.

If you are trying to decide which watch to buy, always choose watches that speak to you. Look for watches that have unique characteristics and designs, but also ones that you feel a connection with. These are the watches that you will be most happy about regardless of if you wear it or keep it in your collection. You will also be more aggressive about maintaining it, which means it will retain its value far longer for you.

At Swiss FineTiming, we have an extensive collection of vintage watches to choose from. We can help you identify the right pieces for you, help you find a good fit at the right price. Call us at (312) 337-4700 or visit us online to see what we have available.

Until recently there were limited options for your broken watches. You could store them. Use the parts for something else, or get them repaired. These days you can actually make money selling your broken watches.

You can sell used watches for cash. You may not make as much from used watches as you would from brand new ones, but if you have antique or vintage watches they may be worth more than you might initially think.

When watches command high values it is because they are collectable. Collectors favour specific antique and vintage watches and luxury watches like Rolex and other Swiss made brands. If your used watch is branded, designer, antique or vintage then you'll make money selling it. Always remember that how much you make is dependent on a lot of different factors. The age, condition and rarity of the used watch determines how much you can make when selling it.

Used watches that aren't very valuable tend to be modern, battery operated, mass-produced, non branded watches. These types of watch are produced in large numbers, so they are easy to get hold of, therefore they aren't very collectable and as a result, not very valuable. These kinds of watches can still be sold, but you won't make very much money selling them, especially if you sell them on their own.

Used digital watches can also be difficult to sell. These are usually mass produced, so they aren't in demand amongst collectors, you can still make a little money selling used digital watches, but unless you have a rare one, they won't be worth much.

In the section about used watches above, we pointed out that antique, vintage, Swiss and designer watches tend to be favoured by collectors, that's what makes them valuable. The same goes for broken watches. While you might not make as much selling a broken watch as you would a working one, some broken watches can still fetch high sums of money.

When dealing with luxury and antique watches any repairs have to be carried out carefully with authentic parts, these parts come from broken watches. Collectors will often be on the lookout for broken watches, either so they can repair them and sell them on, or so they can use the broken watch to repair other watches.

If a broken watch has a particularly attractive history, it might still be worth more than the same watch in perfect condition. You won't make as much selling old broken watches as you would if you had an antique or vintage watch in mint condition, but they are still valuable.

When you sell broken watches, it doesn't really matter what part of the watch is broken. Sometimes even the movement from inside can make money when it's sold, especially if it's a branded or unusual movement.

As with used watches, modern, battery operated, mass produced, unbranded watches won't be valuable when broken. You would be unlikely to make any money selling these types of watches on their own. If you have a number of these kinds of broken watches try selling them as a group on eBay, sometimes crafters or jewellers will buy a group of broken watches for their gears. With these type of watches the more you sell in one go the more money you'll make and the more chance you'll have of making a sale. 041b061a72

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