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Subtitle Tiger.Cage.1988.CHINESE.REMASTERED.ALL...

Bruka, Queen of Evil (Ren tou she aka Devil Woman Part 2, 1973, horror, martial arts) TAGALOG (?) LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Felix Villar and Chi-Lien Yu, Hong Kong / Philippines Please note: We've recently re-synced the audio track on this title so now it more-or-less matches the visuals. Batshit crazy follow-up to Devil Woman! Manda the snake woman is saved by a giant python with the head of an old lady that turns out to be her grandmother! After explaining to her why Manda was born a snake-headed moster, she persuades her to exact revenge on the townspeople with the assistance of several hellish slave-creatures including a bat-man, a tree-thing, rock people and a hoard of evil kung fu dwarfs! The subtitles are a bit hard to read at times but overall are okay, VHS quality. Includes the original theatrical trailer! Rated R

subtitle Tiger.Cage.1988.CHINESE.REMASTERED.ALL...

South Sea Blood Letter (1984, horrific drama) CHINESE LANGUAGE WITH NO SUBTITLES Directed by Tsai Ku and Chou Ming Hung, Hong Kong Despite what's been written on imdb, this is NOT a Category III movie but rather an intense and serious drama about a boat of refuges escaping the war in Viet Nam whom crash on an uninhabited island and are driven by hunger to cannibalism. A well made movie but the lack of English subtitles makes this one for completists only. Very hard to find! Starring Lo Chun Hsiung, Wang Pan-Yu, Chen Yeh-Sin and Jin Shih. Rated R

Zhu Hong Wu (aka Legend of Chu Hung Wu holding court aka The Founding of Ming Dynasty, 1971, fantasy / adventure) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE MANDARIN LANGUAGE WITH BURNT-IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Ta-Chuan Hsu (as Da Chuan Hsu), Taiwan RECENTLY ADDED! Details coming soon, movie available now! Starring Chin Chyi, Lin Yang and Eric Tsang. Please not that while we did do a fair amount of work fixing up the picture the burnt-in English subtitles are sometimes cut off on the sides due to some cropping.

For DVD material the original language is indicated, together with brief details of the subtitle options. Many of the DVDs in the collection offer optional subtitles in a range of languages. For further information on these language options, follow the link. 041b061a72

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