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The Garden Of Words(2013) !!TOP!!

Speaking of visuals, Makoto Shinkai has been known to use visuals in his work to tell the story, rather than having the characters explain the exposition. Therefore, the animation and visuals of this film play a role that is just as important as the characters. For example, usually whenever rain is shown in films it is a sign that things are going to become worst. However, Makoto Shinkhai uses rain differently as when it is raining, it is an escape for our characters from reality. The beauty of the garden while it is raining makes rain seem pleasant and beautiful, and it is where our characters are at their best.

The Garden of Words(2013)

Walked toward the gardenI had work to show itthen I understood the garden was destroying itand that I should rest and not water theshoots but wait until dark touncover them

"When a student and an older woman meet by chance whilst seeking solace in a Japanese garden, their mutual feelings of alienation draw them together. But a truth is about to be uncovered. The friendship that could save them might also ruin them."

15-years-old Takao Akizuki, who is training to become a shoemaker, skipped school and is sketching shoes in a Japanese-style garden. He meets a mysterious 27-years-old woman, Yukari Yukino, who spends her time drinking beer and eating chocolate. 041b061a72

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